Keeping hair clean, luminous and healthy, while maintaining essential oils and nutrients, is a delicate balance. Too much oil renders it greasy and lifeless. Too little leads to dryness and damage. When hair is damaged, the cuticle breaks, leaving the color inside the strand vulnerable to fading.

Our goal was to bring a cleansing conditioner to the salon that brought professional results for the best possible price! anú’s patented formulation has perfected the co-washing system by creating a cleansing conditioner that removed environmental debris and product build-up from the hair without stripping essential oils. The client gets the best of both worlds: clean-feeling hair that is hydrated, healthy and frizz free!

• Lightweight, low-lather co-wash that cleanses and conditions

• Two formulations, Fine to Medium Hair and Medium to Coarse Hair, providing targeted benefits based on hair type

• Free from harsh chemicals, detergents, polymers, fillers and harmful sulfates that can strip the hair

• Helps prolong hair color by improving hair’s ability to retain moisture

• Detangles and controls frizz